After receiving all approvals required, street construction and site servicing commenced in the Fall of 2019 with the initial site grading/storm sewer installation and roadworks continuing until winter arrived in late December.

Come this Spring, our servicing Contractor will be back on site to finish up street and site servicing construction, and get things up to the asphalt stage.

One nice street feature this site will offer will be the full “curb and gutter” type road construction, which will eliminate the typical “open-ditch” concept as often found in most rural type developments.

It is anticipated that with street construction completed in the Spring that building permits will be available by the Summer of 2020. This site feature “Architectural Control Guidelines”, which will help maintain a consistent feel throughout the subdivision as each new home gets built. (These guidelines are available from the Developer).

As of April 1st, perspective Buyers will be able to drop by the site, and go for a walk to explore the Development firsthand.